Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After School Special: Ping Pong & Flowers

It's only Wednesday, and the work week is already grueling.  I refused to stay late again tonight, and at 6pm skipped out the door with my camera to head for Macy's Flower Show.

Happily, the route took me through Bryant Park:

How can you not fall in love with a park that has two ping pong tables? 

I wasn't sure what to expect at Macy's.  I thought there would probably be one floor closed off, with a lot of flower displays.  I was totally wrong, and unprepared for what I was about to see.  Macy's went all out (silly of me to underestimate them, given the Thanksgiving Parade!) and used over a million flowers on its first floor flower exhibition-- which was intertwined with its makeup and jewelry displays.  It was spectacular, and incredibly fun to wander around.  It also smelled delicious!

yep, those are birds.

The show was a lovely way to end the day, and I totally forgot about work for awhile.  The final smile of the evening came about as I was walking to the subway.  I looked down, and saw:

I had to try it.  I put my feet on the stenciled ones, and pointed my camera up.  Sure enough, the Empire State Building at night!

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