Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's the Small Things: Laundry

When I first moved to NY, my friend M told me three things:
1. Buy a pair of Wellingtons (rain boots)
2. Get your groceries delivered via Fresh Direct
3. Send out your laundry.

As a corporate refugee who's recently moved to the non-profit world, I resisted all three pieces of advice.  Too expensive.

Then I realized that the washers and dryers in my apartment (which are actually in the building next door, in the basement) were out of commission, and I had no choice but to patronize one of the many "Wash and Fold" establishments in my neighborhood.  That, or wash my clothes in the bathtub.  I'd never tried anything like it, and in fact don't even remember seeing this type of service in any other city I've lived in.

I was hooked after the very first time.

For years, I've spent precious weekend or evening hours monitoring laundry loads.  I now gather everything up, drop it off around the corner, and pick it up the next day.  Everything is perfectly laundered, fresh and neatly folded.  Average weekly price: $20. 

It wasn't something I had originally budgeted for, but I've made room for it.  Yes, it saves me time.  But there is also something sweet (and perhaps sad) about feeling taken care of-- I work long hours and live alone, and it's so nice to have someone just do something for me so I don't have to think about it. 

I guess the next step would be Fresh Direct and maid service.  But I'll try to hold out.  For now.

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