Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Glitter District

The Work Me is often serious, very calm, and always professional.  The Real Me is much more laid back, and will far more likely be found reading People magazine, eating Peeps during non-holidays, blowing bubbles, flying kites, wearing ridiculous high heels, and playing peekaboo with little kids on the subway until they go from pouty to smiling.  She will also get really, really excited in stores with sweet little items like buttons, ribbons, sequins, appliques and tassels. 

I don't actually ever use any of these things-- I'm not very crafty-- but I so love tiny beautiful things.  Perhaps it comes from my childhood, when I loved to play with the miniature furniture and household items in the dollhouse our Pepere made for us.

I managed not to skip down the sidewalk as I explored parts of the Garment District this weekend (I do maintain a certain amount of decorum as a functional adult), but I certainly felt like it.  Every store was a treasure chest ready to be explored.  One of the first that caught my eye, given my love of Brazil and all things Brazilian (though admittedly they aren't using the proper spelling for Carnaval... but still, can't you imagine wearing one of those outfits on a parade boat?):

So good to know where to get my Halloween costume.

The shop that really made my girly side sing was M&J Trimming:

I can hear some of you squealing from here.  For those of you who can't wait to visit, you can find M&J on 6th Avenue between 37th & 38th Streets.  For those who are allergic to this kind of thing, you are warned.  For the guys who get dragged along anyway, I'm sorry, but you have earned some sympathy-- you can take refuge a few doors down:



  1. I _love_ reading your posts. Awesome job on the blog and thanks for showing us New York through a newbie's eyes.

    - Paul

  2. Awesome, how did you know that I WAS squeling! So funny for the husbands, I could totally see myself going there, my hubby being dragged - nice to know that someone takes sympathy on them.

    I lived in Brazil for three years! I think they spelled it the Portuguese way...