Thursday, March 18, 2010

Revelers, Paper Cuts, and Drums

I am drunk on the city, gloriously so, with not a drop to drink.

This evening started out with a reasonably simple plan: to check out the the exhibit Slash: Paper Under the Knife, at the Museum of Art & Design.  I was particularly interested in seeing a piece by an artist I've recently discovered, Beatrice Coron (see earlier posting: Moving Art).  I had never even heard of the MAD prior to my NY life. 

As I made my way to the museum after work, I passed through some unfamiliar subway stops.  Picking up the 1 train on 42nd/Times Square revealed revelers cheering on passersby:

I took the train to Columbus Circle, and immediately caught sight of little sailing ship mosaics.  Aha, that Columbus.  Ascending the stairs into the evening air was magical.  The deepening, darkening light reflected off the modern shiny buildings, and the Circle featured a huge globe and a majestic column with Columbus' likeness perching on the top.  Central Park's gate is right off the Circle, providing a grand entrance for visitors.

The Museum of Art & Design is situated on the Circle, and I headed straight to the paper exhibit.  It was utterly thrilling.  (I know-- a paper exhibit?  But it's true).  I was enchanted, and spent a long time inspecting each intricate and beautiful piece.  Alas, no photography allowed, and the website does not show the pieces to their advantage.  So I will just say: if you are in NY anytime between this very minute and April 4th, go.  Please.

On my way home, walking through Grand Central, I heard drums.  It took a few moments to locate them, but finally there they were:

The shimmering, earthy, mesmerizing sounds drew people in.  I couldn't pull myself away.  Finally, I was able to head home, senses electrified from the art that was all around me tonight.  Intoxicating. 


  1. Hi! I love those wall mosaics! They are so awesome! I always stop and listen to the drummers in the city. I live on Long Island. ;)

    I should make my way in to see that exhibit sometime. I have Spring Break the week after next.