Thursday, March 4, 2010

G's sparkle

I spent time tonight with friends G. and M.  It is still a revelation that I can see certain long-time friends virtually anytime I want now, whereas it used to be perhaps once or twice a year.  Of course, in order to gain this privilege I've had to give up frequent rendezvous with my DC friends.  It would be nice if all of my people could live in one city together.  At least for awhile.

I was especially looking forward to seeing G, or more specifically, G's hand.  A couple months ago she mentioned to me that she and her boyfriend were planning to get engaged, but the ring had become a source of stress.  I can't solve the world's problems, but this issue is one I can help fix-- my sister works in the jewelry industry, and has a trusted jeweler she recommends to anyone looking for an engagement ring.  G wasn't sure at first, but in the end realized that the quality for the price was very fair, and she liked the jeweler.  And so, my sister and I helped to get this very dear woman engaged:

It was wonderful to see the smile on her face, the insane sparkle of the ring, and her sense of contentedness and calm.  It helped give me hope that perhaps someday, in this crazy city, I'll find a valentine of my own.  inshallah.

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