Monday, March 8, 2010

Tender Buttons

I took the day off from work today, and spent much of it wandering around in the unseasonably warm and sunny weather.  My explorations brought me to the sweetest little shop, one devoted entirely to buttons. 

Floor to ceiling with carefully labeled boxes, and buttons ranging from inexpensive to extremely pricey.  I could have spent hours looking at each of the little treasures. 
In the end, I found a few tiny gems for my niece, Baby Bird.  Her mother is an accomplished seamstress, and I know they will find a good home on just the right little sweater.

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  1. I just went to see a button exhibit at the Mona Bismarck Foundation in Paris and they talked about Tender Buttons, have a whole room just dedicated to the passion of the two who created the shop... and their collection of buttons... I did a double take and thought wait a minute, is that the same store as you mentioned? and it is! Can't wait till I am next in NYC to go make a visit, I know it will be bliss!