Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love & Life at Bryant Park

I spent most of the day exploring the city, and needed a place to rest mid-morning.  I had always thought of Bryant Park as a sweet little place, but hadn't spent much time there, and never understood why people often mentioned it as their favorite park.

I know why now.

I wandered in, and first encountered this:
and this:

Pretty enough, I thought.  Workers were laying down sod, as the New York Fashion Week and an ice skating rink had both occupied the main lawn.

I was impressed by the generous number of chairs and tables-- hundreds, if not a thousand or so.  Out of the corner of my eye, a hint of brass caught my attention:

I wonder what it says?

I was touched to the core.  Bryant Park is the 'back porch' of the New York Public Library, and it was beautiful to see someone honored in such a way.  A simple word, reader, conveying the essence of one's soul.

Are there others?  I launched into exploration mode, and covered the entire park, seeking brass plates.  I was overwhelmed by what I found:

The above plaque reads: "She has been the unspoken half of everything I ever wrote, and both halves of many a thing. Kathryn and Dan, October 21, 2006"

"To WRW: Love blossomed here, still it blooms, now and forevermore. All my love, ARN"

And my favorite, which reads: "To Kerstin, "my little turnip", this is your chair, let's come to NYC again. Sit down, rest, and I'll fetch the coffee. I love you!"

By the time I covered the entire park, I had tears in my eyes.  They come again now, unbidden, as I sort through these photographs.  My faith in love and the human spirit was strengthened this morning, as I wandered through this field of chairs gently whispering to the world, forever capturing magical moments and honoring beautiful souls, those who are still here and those who have moved on.

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  1. ephemeral moment, everlasting memory, very beautiful !!