Monday, March 1, 2010

Magical Mystery Tour on the 6

Okay, ready for an adventure?  A long one?  I got a little carried away on my ride home tonight.  Over the past week I've become more and more aware of the mosaic tiles that announce each subway stop.  They're quite beautiful, and such care has been taken to create and mount them.  I decided to stop at each station and take a photo.  As often happens in NY, though, a simple lark becomes far more fun and interesting than originally imagined.

Start: Grand Central Station:
On the ride from 42 to 51st, I heard a mewing.  "meow meow meow" in a tiny little voice.  I looked around me and saw a young woman holding a mesh bag with a kitty that was no bigger than my hand.  "Her name is Georgia," she said to my inquiring look.  "I'm bringing her to the vet."  Another woman offered, "I took in a stray cat.  I thought she was fat.  But she was pregnant."  The door opened, and I got off.

Nothing too interesting.  Got on the train again and noticed a young balding man reading a book on the Alexander Technique.  Appropriately, he seemed very relaxed.

On to the next stop, 59th:

Nice to be serenaded by a jazz guitarist on a Monday night.
On to the next stop:

I spent much longer at 68th than I had planned.  So did everyone else.  The doors stayed open and open and open.  Finally: "There is a police investigation on 103rd.  All trains are on hold.  Please be patient".  No one said a word, just waited.  Every minute or so another person pealed off and decided to walk home.  Finally, 10 minutes later, a half-full train started again.  On to 77th:
Lovely west African music.  On to 86th...

Oh my!  Tile explosion.... 

Can I just say that I LOVE a city that sponsors such crazy art in public spaces?  I totally freaked out.  People rushed by.  Is there anyone that actually stops and looks at these miracles?  Each figure so tenderly crafted with tiny tiles.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Okay, on to the next stop- 96th....

And so the day, and the journey, is done. 

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  1. I'm glad you're taking time to enjoy the magic of the everyday! Gotta love public transportation.

    I especially love 86th St.