Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doughnut Heaven

The Lower East Side further disclosed its treasures to me this afternoon.  After a delicious brunch with three friends at Schiller's Liquor Bar (recommended), I remembered that a place I had long wanted to visit was nearby.

"Hey guys, do you want to go to the Doughnut Plant?"

All three of them perked up.  Nevermind that we had just finished a huge brunch.  Dessert beckoned.

The Doughnut Plant was just a few blocks away, and we knew we were close when we saw the line.

I immediately knew I was in trouble when I read the sign.  How on earth to choose?

And these were just highlights.  We quickly learned that the menu features both yeast and cake doughnuts of varying flavors.  

The doughnuts were huge-- easily the size of one's entire hand and then some.  Between the four of us, we ordered Tres Leches cake doughnut, Vanilla Glaze yeast doughnut, Strawberry Jam yeast doughnut.   A's choice, the first photo above, is Carrot Cake, with cream cheese frosting tucked inside.  The PJ&J, with peanut glaze and a strawberry jam filling was also magical:

Collectively, the doughnuts were easily the best any of us had ever eaten.  Airy and moist, with the rich heady flavors that can only come from authentic, non-processed ingredients.  Pure bliss.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Coffee and Tea, Old and New

I added two new Favorite Places to my list this afternoon.

Porto Rico Importing Co. can be found at 201 Bleecker Street, and has been around since 1907. Its coffee and tea selection is remarkable.  One is immediately intoxicated by the intense aroma upon entering, and it's hard to leave once you're there.  I bought multiple sachets of loose teas, and sincerely wished I were a coffee drinker given how heavenly the atmosphere was.

A couple hours after Porto Rico, my friends and I were thirsty again, and we stumbled upon a new treasure: Argo Tea Cafe.

Argo is a chain, and does not have the classic charm of Porto Rico.  But its menu of newfangled tea combinations surprised even me, a long-time tea drinker.  I order a MojiTea, unsure of what to expect.  The counter person asked if I wanted it hot or iced.  Iced.  Sparkling water?  Yes.  The result was unlike anything I've ever experienced: it was both sharp and sweet, and gorgeously effervescent.  I was temporarily speechless after tasting it, as were my two friends who tried it in turn.  I will be back, and will likely try every single item on the tea menu until my curiosity is satisfied.

Sex And The City Lives On

As a single woman living in New York City, it's impossible to not think about SATC once in awhile, particularly when I am running around and having entirely too much fun with my single girlfriends.

And so it was today.  It's an achingly beautiful autumn day, on the warm edge of cool, and a deep blue sky.  One of my dearest friends, W, just moved to town (I am still astounded by my good fortune), and we met up with our mutual friend A for brunch at Extra Virgin, a charming restaurant in the West Village.  We caught up on each other's lives-- careers, relationships, travels-- with our usual openness, sly commentary and wisecracks.   We weren't done talking by the time we finished our meal, and left in search of a park.

 Walking down Perry Street, A pointed out a brownstone with a "No Trespassing" sign:

It is, of course, Carrie Bradshaw's "apartment".  Perfect.