Sunday, March 7, 2010

Acres of orchids

As I was planning my first-ever trip to the New York Botanical Garden, I fantasized about strolling down the paths in peace, soaking in the beauty of the surroundings and the warmth of the conservatory.  I would breathe deeply, be inspired to go forth and live an elegant life, and feel utterly rested after a perfect day.

Alas, my fantasy remained a fantasy.  Lesson learned: do not visit the NYBG on a weekend afternoon if you can possible help it.  The exhibit that drew me there, The Orchid Show, also lured hundreds and hundreds of fellow gawkers.  The orchids were exquisite; the visit, exhausting.

The grounds of the Garden are beautiful, and I look forward to a second visit once spring arrives in full force.  The Conservatory, which houses the Orchid Show and many other lovely plants, is also gorgeous.  I offer up photos of the blossoms, in hopes that you will feel inspired to go forth and live an elegant life.  I've left out the crowds of people.  You are welcome.

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