Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Round of Cupcakes

I am a bit of a cupcake aficianado (who isn't these days?), so I was naturally curious to sample the city's homemade specialties.  I am a little surprised, and somewhat disappointed, to announce that the best cupcakes are to be found.... in Washington DC.

Georgetown Cupcake on M Street in Washington DC by a Manhattan mile.

No, I have not sampled every cupcake shop in the city.  But I've visited three of the most popular ones.

Magnolia Bakery (made even more famous by its mention in Sex in the City):

The cupcake was moist and sweet, with the flavor of... sweet.  Nothing particularly noteworthy.

Next was Sugar Sweet Sunshine:

Again, moist and sweet, though the texture reminded me of Duncan Hines.  Promised to be chocolately, but it was a sweet chocolate and not a true chocolate flavor.

And then, the Big Daddy of cupcake shops in New York, Crumbs:

I ordered my favorite flavor, coconut.  Once again, moist and sweet, but no unique flavor.

I am so disappointed in the relatively bland flavors I've found in NYC that it's killed my desire to sample any others (probably a good thing).  Georgetown Cupcake has somehow figured out to capture an element of the Divine and bake it into all their cupcakes.  The next time you visit DC, visit the store and eat one.  You will understand.

P.S.  No, I did not eat all of the above cupcakes on the same day. 
P.P.S. No, I did not eat the entire cupcake on any given day. 


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