Sunday, April 4, 2010

Peaceful weekend

NY friends warned me that at some point I would feel the pressing need to get out of the city.  I haven't felt that yet, but think a bit of preventative maintenance is not a bad idea.

I traveled to the suburbs to spend Easter with my sister and her family, including my very dear niece Baby Bird.  The break from work and the commotion was restorative, and it's hard to not feel at peace when taking a walk with a young girl. 

Baby Bird was in constant motion, alternating between carrying her doll and collecting sticks and inspecting insects that scurried across her path.  I love this little person with everything I have in me.  Her curiosity, quick mind, and joy in discovering the world is a beautiful thing to witness.


  1. That little bird is something else :)

  2. I agree... she embodies the best of her parents. And maybe a little of her Auntie Sarah too! :)