Thursday, February 25, 2010

Worker watching

People watching is an almost unavoidable pastime in a city, especially New York.  Every day, every minute, an astonishing array of faces, colors, expressions, fashions, sizes.  One looks, and upon being caught either sheepishly smiles or quickly shifts the gaze.

There is a variation of people watching that was unknown to me until I moved here.  I think of it as worker watching.  Towering peoplehives stand side by side on street after street.  M/honey manufactured in virtually every cell.

From my office window, I can see construction workers renovating a space.  The African-American business man rarely looks up from his computer.  The young workers sitting at tables and going through files must work at a law firm.  A few floors above me, I can make out a dental chair.  Thank goodness I am not on a higher floor to witness that particular scene.

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