Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby Bird in Winter

New York may be my unexpected valentine, but the true owner of my heart is Baby Bird, my 18 month old niece and goddaughter. 

The Dream Job was a big reason to move here, but the prospect of being a frequent presence in Baby Bird's childhood was even more compelling.  I have been blessed with amazing aunts and uncles, and I hope I can be a similarly positive influence in her life.

Today her mom and dad had a meeting with their tax advisor, so Baby Bird and I spent much of the day together.   Between carrying her and steering her away from yellow snow, I got quite the workout. 

We also spent time at my place-- I have a little toybox stocked in anticipation of her visits.  Within minutes, everything was on the floor.  I'm sure I'll be finding secret smears of peanut butter and lost raisins throughout my apartment for the next week, but it's a price I gladly play for the privilege of being an aunt to a beautiful, lively, funny little girl.

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  1. You might consider getting one of the little foldup strollers for Wren visits. I have one in my trunk at all times for when my grands visit and it has been used many times! TV