Monday, February 22, 2010

Quiet Adventures on a Monday Evening

My childhood friend H is in town this week, and I headed over to her hotel on West 39th street after work.  Walking along 39th, I found myself surrounded by colorful stores featuring their specialities: trimmings, buttons, neon fabrics, and more.  I had stumbled upon the Garment District.  I was tempted to slow down and take a few photos, but didn't want to be late.  Another street to add to the list of places to visit...

It was so good to see H again-- it's possible she will move here, which would be a wonderful coup for my growing social circle.  It is always comforting to spend time with someone you've known for most of your life.  We know each other's families, siblings, secrets.  And we discovered new similarities in our lives that took us by surprise and prompted a few rounds of clinking wine glasses.

I walked back to the train station and stopped at Broadway & 42nd, struck by the relative calm of Times Square.  I have never seen it so silent.  Bright lights quietly flashing into the urban canyon, streets almost deserted.  A beautiful scene.

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