Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dark World

Many years ago I read a copy of The Mole People.  It was lent to me by a friend who knew the author.  It's a non-fiction account about people- whole communities- who seek life in the deep crevices of New York.  Below Grand Central Station, below Penn Station, in abandoned caverns created as part of the subway system.  Questions have since arisen about the accuracy of the author's story, but I suspect there is at least a grain of truth.  As I walk through Grand Central each day, there are two separate worlds: the individuals who are passing through on their way somewhere, and those who take shelter in its warmth and relative safety.  Most often the only mixing between the two is the passing of spare change between one's pocket and another's cup.  I would understand if those who are most worn out by life find comfort far away from the constant movement of the city by seeking ever more quiet and dark environs.

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