Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Music for the soul

I have been serenaded by subway musicians from the very first day of my NY commuting life. The musician's effort usually reminds me to breathe, to lighten up, to slow down. Occasionally it inspires scorn or horror. At its best, it brings a deep sense of comfort.

Several days a week, I arrive at my station and am immediately surrounded by beautifully melodic and soothing notes from a west African instrument-- I believe it is a kora. I get off at the opposite side of the tracks, and so have not had a chance to ask. As someone who has lived in Africa and is passionate about its music, I am thankful to the Universe that this particular musician has decided to make his home in my neighborhood.

I have long had a rule that I will contribute a bit of money to any street musician that makes me smile. Some day soon, I will pay an unnecessary fare to get to the other side and give the man his due.

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