Friday, September 3, 2010

A most beautiful 40th birthday gift

I received a most beautiful and heartfelt gift from my sister B and her family today.  I turned 40 in May, and B let me know that they had ordered something very special that would take a few months to arrive.

I found out what it was a couple days ago, and was finally able to go and see it today.

My very own chair in Bryant Park!

The plaque's message is beautiful, though a bit too detailed to share on a public site.

I wrote about my love affair with Bryant Park in March: Love & Life at Bryant Park.  B let me know for the first time today that she and her boyfriend (now husband) used to meet at Bryant Park when he come in to NYC to visit her.  So now it is an intensely personal place for both us.

I have received many wonderful presents in my life, and this is absolutely at the top.  New York has become part of me, and now I have become part of New York.


  1. What a wonderful birthday gift. We hope you'll enjoy many trips to the park to visit your chair!

    - Bryant Park Corporation

  2. Happy Birthday! That is such a beautiful *precious* gift. You are so lucky! When I read your post on the park back in March I secretly wished that someone would mark a bench for me... how touching that the wish came through on your birthday. When I am next in the city, I'll pop over to the park to read the inscriptions you shared with us in March, and sho knows, maybe I'll find your chair ! what a treat! thanks for sharing something so personal with us....