Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

A year ago I went on an expedition with my friend M, and found a most unexpected valentine

The sheer delight of the discovery prompted me to follow through with the suggestion of another friend to start a blog and capture my experiences in New York.

Thus it's the 1st anniversary of the blog.  Thanks to all who sit on my shoulder and explore the city with me!  It's been wonderful to have your company.

And Happy Valentine's Day!  As the unexpected valentine reminds us, "You are loved.  Yes, you."


  1. Happy Valentine & much love always! :) Sonny

  2. Here's to one year! Happy Valentine's...

  3. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary!! keep up the excellent work! Here's an unexpected valentine for you from Paris! thanks for sharing all that you do, I love seeing the city from your shoulders =)