Monday, January 24, 2011

Piano Men

Music is especially powerful when it is encountered in an unexpected place.  Or in an unexpected form.

A recent visit to the Museum of Modern Art with E brought a wondrous spectacle and delightful sound:

Yes, that is a hole in the piano.... the artist arrived on the scene, sneaked in under the piano, and thread his body halfway out.  He bent over the keys and started the performance.  Ode to Joy, of sorts.  Beethoven.  Several minutes in, the artist started walking with the piano, the crowd first parting to allow him to pass, and then following him around the atrium.  Grins broke out throughout the crowd.

The performances even made the New York Times smile: I just popped out to play Beethoven

This weekend a longtime friend was in town, and we walked through Washington Square Park on a frigid Saturday.  The cold did not deter this pianist, and the notes of the theme song from the film The Piano floated out to meet us.   A mystery as to how the piano got there, and the pianist's fingers managed to stay flexible in the freezing temperature.  His presence and his playing simply made us happy (and him a little richer!).

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