Friday, November 26, 2010

Marathon Sunday

While preparations were still underway, the wheelchair competitors started sailing through.  They were fearless in taking corners, and didn't hesitate a bit as dimwit pedestrians scurried out of their path.
Close on their tail were the elite women and then the elite men runners--

As awe-inspiring as the top runners were, the true inspirations were the "Achilles" runners, who had overcome physical limitations and were participating in the race with a couple individuals as guides.  I felt ashamed of the many days I had allowed my fully-abled body to languish in bed instead of going to the gym.  

And then there were the runners with crazy outfits, confident enough in their athletic abilities that they were willing to allow for a distraction, much to the amusement of those around them.

The day was a joyful one, a welcome reminder of the enduring vibrancy of the human spirit, with thousands upon thousands of people streaming by, determined to make the finish line.  Smiles, cheers and encouraging words abounded.

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  1. The whole thing looks awesome and I am most inspired by the impaired runners. They could have given in but instead they are acting out!