Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peace in the midst of chaos: Yoga in Times Square

What could be better than welcoming the summer solstice with yoga?  In Times Square?
Yes, it sounded crazy to me too.  I signed up as soon as the posters hit the streets:

New York has given me so many vivid moments, the sort that remind one to be grateful for life, and today's experience was yet another joyful one.  Thousands of yogis joined one or more of the three yoga classes held today, right in the middle of Times Square.  The city cleared several large spaces within the entire stretch of road, and we rolled our mats out in the street.  I will never see Times Square in the same way again.  It was difficult at first-- the roar of traffic, the advertising assault on one's eyes, the general chaos and tourists leaning over the barricades to watch and take photos.  Gradually, I was able to breathe, and get into the flow.

There were people of all ages and abilities.  Some were clearly better than others:

If you have ever wondered what Times Square would look like from the savasana (corpse) pose, here you go:
The end, and sheer bliss....